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Remote Support from Sealink Support Team


Remote Support by Sealink Technology

To start secured Remote support click on the Sealink Support Start logo. This will pop up an information box. Here you need to click on "Run" and once again "Run"This start up an application which will secured the remote support access to your server or laptop.

 Start Sealink Support
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Sealink Remote Support

You will need to call our support team at +45 88 77 91 99
Opening hours Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 17:00 LT


Inform the supporter with the unique ID from the application, which will be shown to you on your screen and wait until the secured remote access is established.



The Supporter will take over you server or pc and help your. You can watch on the screen what's done and when the supporter is finish the application terminates and leaves nothing on your server or pc.