New Solutions

Sealink Technology launch a new product line

Sealink Technology launch a new product line. The new services are branded under the names:

- Freelink
- Frontlink
- Skylink.

Our new guests service, which deliver a free internet connection to the end user. end-user signs up with a valid email address and accept to sign up for newmails at the location, which deliver the free internet to their guests.

Based on vouchers and room codes, which can be given as a free internet access og as a payed service to the end user.

Our flag ship, which can be integrated with the hotels pms system based on Fidelio Opera, Credit Card clearing gateway to NETS (PBS), SEAMON Network monitoring services, mail permission, Free internet access, differentiated policies, including bandwidth shaping, QoS and much more...

All new products include the Lawfull Interceptions module and the 24/7 certified contact point to the gouvernement.