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Andersen & Martini A/S
2011-09-05 Andersen & Martini has chosen Sealink Technology to move all IT infrastructures here under MPLS, LAN and WAN networks to their new Head Quarter at Agenavej 15 Greve.

Sealink Technology designed the action plan and was responsible for the operation and coordinated all sub-contractors on servers, MPLS, Internet and the LAN2LAN fiber to ADP Dealers in Vejle.

Sealink Technology was given 36 hours to the whole operation including redesign of the fiber backbone from IPVision A/S, TDC Erhverv and TDC Whole sales and finally the physical movement of the servers and work stations. The operation started on Friday the 03.09.2011 at 18:00LT and was terminated successfully on Friday the 03.09.2011 at 23:10LT were all IT systems was online again at the new HQ at Agenavej 15 in Greve.

We are proud, that with the right planning, coordinating and timing we succeeded the movement of Andersen & Martini A/S to the new HQ with only 5 hours downtime of the 36 hours we were given. This shows us that we are on the right way to reach our goal to be one of the best network integrators in Denmark says Managing Director Kenneth Kjøbmand from Sealink Technology.

Andersen & Martini A/S

Andersen & Martini A/S

has chosen Sealink Technology to design the network infrastructure and to integrate a wireless network solution in all branch offices. This advanced network are designed with a guest network access including the Lawful Interception module from Sealink Technology and further more advanced special virtual WLAN networks to car adapters from KIA, OPEL and FIAT, where the car adapters establish secured connection to the car manufacture’s databases, so all processes are optimized at the workshops.

The WIFI network are based on AeroHive equipment, which include a local installed HiveManager for management and coordinating of all 55 access points installed in this special environment.

The exchange-listed company Andersen & Martini A/S is with their 10 branch offices, one of the largest car dealers in Denmark with a yearly turnover on almost 1 billion DKK.

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers outsourcer all IT systems to Sealink

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers has choosen Sealink Technology to support the complete IT infrastructure. This includes more than 42 servers and all worksstations at this co2 neutral hotel.


The CROWNE PLAZA - COPENHAGEN TOWERS: The CO2 neutral hotel a member of the InterContinental Hotels Group has choosen Sealink Technology ApS as their network integrator and supplier of all network infrastructure.

The Crowne Plaza - Copenhagen Towers has implemented SKYLINK net access system to deploy our leading technology to wireless and wired guest internet access of their guest rooms and conference center.

Our new system supports more than 700 guests in the conference area, all served by wireless internet access which is integrated between SKYLINK System and Meru Network virtuel cell platform.

SKYLINK net access system is designed with the "Back-Office" system and the complete network system solution run more than 500 VLAN's to serve the hotels infrastructure all from the intelligent Bar, to Wireless VoIP telephony all together on one secure scalable unified platform from Sealink Technology ApS.

Sealink Technology launch a new product line

Sealink Technology launch a new product line. The new services are branded under the names:

- Freelink
- Frontlink
- Skylink.

Our new guests service, which deliver a free internet connection to the end user. end-user signs up with a valid email address and accept to sign up for newmails at the location, which deliver the free internet to their guests.

Based on vouchers and room codes, which can be given as a free internet access og as a payed service to the end user.

Our flag ship, which can be integrated with the hotels pms system based on Fidelio Opera, Credit Card clearing gateway to NETS (PBS), SEAMON Network monitoring services, mail permission, Free internet access, differentiated policies, including bandwidth shaping, QoS and much more...

All new products include the Lawfull Interceptions module and the 24/7 certified contact point to the gouvernement.