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Ascot Hotel Guest network
2013-12-12 Sealink Technology has integrated the new Guest Wifi Revenue System to Ascot Hotel. The system include a new fiber 200 mbit on the backbone and a new 802.11ac Wireless Network, which are able to serve the hotel guest by over 150 mbit real throughput to the Internet. The system is running on Sealink's Skylink platform, which is directly Integrated to the Hotel Property Management System. The system is setup with 1 hour full speed free Internet Access, hereafter a small fee at for additional 23 hours full internet access. The Lawful Interception system are Integrated in all Sealink products and the Hotel has outsourced the service to Sealink.
Neptun Hotel
2013-12-01 When Neptun Hotel was sold to Ascot Hotel, Sealink Technology were given the job to bind all IT Network infrastructure together between the two hotels. The outcom was a complete new logical designed VLAN infrastructure bound together by a MPLS network from IPVision. The job were delivered on time to Ascot Hotel.
Skagen Yacht installed FREELINK wireless system from Sealink Technology
2013-05-01 Skagen Yacht choosed Sealink Technology's outdoor wireless hotspot system to deliver a free internet service for all the guest sailors at the harbour. The service agreement include the outsourcing of the Lawfull Interception to Sealink Technology.
City of Aarhus
2013-02-14 The municipal primary Schools at the city of Aarhus, choosed Sealink Technology as their partner of Technical adviser, for integration of an advanced new WLAN Network to support 54 primary schools. The new WLAN must support roaming of the Bonjour protocol at Layer 3 and be able to support 100.000 devices, which include security systems, BYOD system, MDM and much more...
Severin Kursuscenter - Guestnetwork and Lawful Intercept solution from Sealink Technology
2012-06-22 Severin Kursuscenter Middelfart has decided to integrate Sealink Technology's Guest network system, which include our Lawfull Interception module - we expect that the system is fully running from the 15th of july 2012