Our Mission

Sealink Technology  develop constantly on our products to offer our customers the best product on the market. Our mission is to constantly and at all time to be the leading provider of guest internet services.

We must always supply the technical aspects needed to be able to establish a high-performance good guest network at our clients.

We provide a complete "turnkey" solution - which can be integrated and adapted to your existing network or we can design a completely new modern guest network system that is based on the best available products on the market today.

Sealink network access system is an integral part of a high-fidelity hosting service, where our network access controller installed at the location is connected our RADIUS servers and logging servers at our hosting center.

A good planning at the outset is essential that the delivery will be a success from the start.

Sealink Technology's competence
In a market where we often look at different system configurations, we are proud to be among the very best system designer, with references to network with both large stockholder companies  and to small customers, where our key is that  all should have full satisfaction with Sealink Technology’s system.

We have solved the networking tasks in highly congested networks, as colleges, where large vendors have given up, due to the challenges that exist in such environments. With our last complete construction of network delivery, including wireless network based on Meru Network, the Hotel Crowne Plaza - Copenhagen Towers and an advanced network system to the largest car dealer in Denmark  Andersen & Martini A / S, we have created a unique system which integrate and handles advanced network flow, which is often found problematic. A system solutions from Sealink Technology, running  days after days - month after month ...