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Sealink Kiosk - Public Business Center PBC & PAPC - Skylink Business system

Skylink Business System offers you a high quality Public Area PC, that complies to the latest demands with free internet access or access by prepaid vouchers and our system include the use of business applications such as MS office, PDF reader and PDF Printer.

The Public Area PC has secured software and allow your guest to use all business facilities including USB-memory sticks. Our system perform a cleaning of all user data including browser sessions to secure your guests personal traces.

A fully functional business centre is no longer an optional amenity for a Hotel. Today's business traveller not only requires access to the internet and e-mail, but also to word-processing and spreadsheets. In other words, the guest desires access to the desktop from where he can organize his work or connect to his home or work computer.

Sealink Public Business Centre is a network of 2 or more Public Area PC with access to color printer and Internet access. Sealink Public Business Centre protects the computer and the users privacy.Skylink Business System takes care of your brand, your message and your guest experience.