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Lawful Interception and Anti-Terror Data Logging for Hospitality Industries

Responding to legal demands for customer records and access to communications has become more time-consuming, complicated and costly for hotels. Changes in legislation governing lawful electronic surveillance has fuelled an increase in the frequency and scope of legal demands placed upon service providers as by law enforcement agencies (LEAs) — putting service providers at a higher risk for non-compliance and increased legal liability exposure.

All Sealink net access systems include Lawful Interception module free of charge and enables hotels to:

  • Mitigate the impact of ETSI and CALEA compliance
  • Enjoy immunity from criminal sanctions and civil liability
  • Implement scalable and affordable legal compliance solutions
  • Provide expert assessment of the technical requirements to make a network compliant
  • Deploy Lawful Interception compliance systems and processes quickly
  • Free up IT resources to focus on core business goals and revenue-generating projects
  • No additional costs - All included in AIOLOS Access System 

Sealink net access systems include defined strategy and turn-key solution for end-to-end Lawful Interception compliance for hospitality internet services.

  • 24/7 P.E.T. recognized contact point
  • Solution comply with European directive of Lawful Intercept
  • Sealink Lawful Intercept module fast trace of the violator, so your business is covered at all time
  • In case of internet abuse on a hotspot, the owner of the hotspot could be accused. The Lawful Intercept module creates a database of the websites visited by every user.

Lawful Intercepted data is stored in our data center and is secured by:

  • Iris scanner for authorizing of personel
  • Safe backup on database
  • Video surveillence
  • Fire extinguishing systems with INERGEN
  • PowerWare battery backup system
  • Catapillar emergency diesel-generator
  • Redundant fiber Internet connection