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Security of Internet Solutions Provided by Sealink Is of Paramount Importance for Us

Sealink Systems uses an encryption certificate from an authorized certification centre with a 256 bit encryption key,which means that we have the highest available security on our online payment system.

Sealink net access controller is monitored 24 hours a day to secure that all nodes are operational and run optimally and continuously.

Our payment system has been approved by PBS International and is updated continuously according to PBS International’s requirements to trading on the internet with credit cards.

All Sealink’s connection points support VPN pass-through, which means that the user can connect safely to the company’s intranet without risking tabbing of data exchanged between the user and the company.

The same applies when the user logs on the Danish homebanking systems, which send their encryption key to the user’s computer and thus create a secure connection directly from the user’s computer to the bank’s homebanking system.

We recommends:

• A personal firewall
• An updated anti-virus programme
• An anti-spyware programme
• An updated operating system

Sealink Systems has:

• Chinese walls between the users
• Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols
• A firewall with Stateful Inspection
• Advanced SMTP tarpit filters - to prevent spam from your IP adress