Why choose Sealink

Why do Customers Choose Sealink for Secure Guest Internet Access Solutions?

Below we have set out our value proposition, split by typical functional responsibility.

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There are plenty of companies that purport to offer Guest Internet Access, but from our experience we believe that we are the only one offering all of the following:

A solution that works and is proven to work in real life installation environments.
A solution that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with minimal downtime.
Offers secure access that ensures only clients have access to the service and they themselves are protected from each other and other possible security aspects of the network.
A solution that offers 24/7 Guest access support (so that any issues are handled by the supplier not the client).

Is highly competitive on an overall cost of ownership basis.
Provides the opportunity of creating a business advantage/separate revenue stream via a bespoke end user interface.

A solution fully compliant with the new Lawful Intercept directives.

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Sealink believe that your Brand is important to you and that you would like the Guest’s experience to reflect the ‘Values’ of your Hotel. Sealink can create a bespoke ‘Portal’ specifically for your Hotel providing the kind of information you feel is important for your guests e.g Weather, Flight Times, What’s on locally? ect.

We believe in a non revenue share model for our charges – it’s your venue, your customers and your profit (should you choose to charge or give as a free net service). This means that you have clear visibility of our charges and we are confident that the overall cost of ownership of our solution is highly competitive.

You may also be interested in providing specific VIPs or Suites with guaranteed bandwidth, or in fact need to connect meeting rooms with internet access on a regular basis. Don’t worry, all of our systems are fully programmable and changes can be made within seconds via our Skylink Conference interface.