About us

Sealink, a Guest Internet Services Provider

Sealink was formed in 2004 as a consequence of having to solve guest internet access for merchant harbours in Denmark. Having had to solve the real world issues involving network security, ease of user access and robust and fast communication for several ports and enterprises, Sealink adapted an advanced solution of internet access and "Back-Office" integration on one secured scalable unified platform, which was named "Aiolos system" The name was taken from the Greek mythology. Aiolos was the God of the Wind, He let the winds out at appropriate strengths and directions according to the whims of the higher gods.

Our solution became a great success for Harbours and Off-shore industry. We adapted our solution to the hospitality industry and included special "software as a service" to deal with the high requirements for large conference centers and international hotels.

Sealink has since developed into a 'state of the art' supplier of guest internet access solutions providing clients with the highest speed, most robust and secure networks, whilst delivering an 'end user' ease of use experience second to non, at the lowest cost of overall ownership in the industry.

What we do
We deliver a total, managed solution that allows you to offer branded guest Internet access. This enables you to provide your guests/visitors with guaranteed bandwidth to conference events, support of video conference - Online broadcasting and Public IP address routed to special events together with our unique monitoring services.

Our solutions have been implemented in:

  • Hotels
  • Conference and sporting venues
  • Corporate offices
  • Airports
  • Merchant Harbours
  • Marinas

Our company philosophy is that the internet has to be easily accessible for all as well as working optimally for the end-users. This creates satisfied customers and it is a great part of Sealink's success.

Object and strategy

  • To supply a reliable and user-friendly internet product.
  • To supply a secure wireless network.
  • To supply advanced guest network solutions.
  • To create satisfied customers.

Hospitality venue owners will find that our freelink, frontlink and skylink systems opens up a range of options aimed at increasing revenues, increasing customer loyalty, and improving operating efficiency - differentiating their properties.